Ep 3: Moral Relativism, or: Tie Him up a Tree With a Warm Coat!

Having survived mortal danger ten minutes into their first assignment–a danger new to some–the squad must regroup and find safety before the radioactive wilderness comes to claim them. And there’s that mysterious cottage in the distance… Crit Squad is Lindsay Zana, Eric Snyder, Jeff Chaney, Chris Henry, and John DeVries. And we’re really sorry about […]

F is for Family and The Simpsons with Michael Price

Some of us will be fortunate enough to grow our careers to the point where we’ve got *more than one* crazy-big project in the works at all times, and it’s those times that you’ll be glad you listened to this interview with Michael Price. The Co-Creator and Showrunner of Netflix’s “F is for Family” and […]

Make Your Movie with Matthew T Price

Everyone wants to get their movie made. This interview with Matthew T Price—Director and co-writer of the indie horror thriller “Other Halves”—is your starter-guide to the whole process. If you’ve ever wondered about the considerations and costs that go into ANY film, then listen all the way through. From how to find funding, to writing to […]

Ep 2: We’re All Gonna Die!

The squad is dumped into the middle of a radioactive wasteland, tasked with finding secret data from a seemingly abandoned site. Before they get their bearings, a new enemy emerges and leaves some of the group struggling for their lives. And it’s not even Tuesday yet… Crit Squad is Lindsay Zana, Eric Snyder, Jeff Chaney, […]

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