Bro, C’mon…

Chris Gets Emotional Support and is WAY Wrong About Where Octopi Live. Jeff Does Another Glorious Intro and Describes an Owl in Extreme Detail. John Gets a Little Sad but we Cheer Him up and Everyone Goes Out for Ice Cream After. NOTES: Allie Brosh’s Book is Called Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping […]


Ep 9: Passengers

They did it! They finally did it! No more surgically implanted explosives (except for Gable…) and now all the gang has to do is escape their original captors through a heavily irradiated hellscape, without the use of a cyberdeck, and with the MOST criminal of criminal SINs…and, okay, so Sacha’s mom is still missing. Baldy still can’t remember anything. Milligram has some brain problems. Galt is a walking overdose. And Gable is REALLY late for work.

But as we like to say around here…it’ll probably be fine!


How to Make it Into Hollywood with Kate Lupo

Kate Lupo is an expert in helping students and recent grads land job and internships in the business and development side of Hollywood. She joins us on the show to talk about how she got her start, what the Mailroom actually is (if you’ve ever even heard of it), and how spreadsheets are useful for more than just your own personal budget!


Keeping Your Eyes Open with Focus Group Moderator Neil Daly

In this episode, Neil Daly gives us an in-depth look at a little known job in the entertainment industry. He’s one of the guys in charge of getting the honest opinions out of an audience before a movie is even finished, but there’s a lot more to it that just collecting survey cards. Tune in […]


Ep 8: Coup de Grâce.

New Segment! We dig into a bit of Sacha’s backstory before getting back into the action in the underground base that’s not NEARLY as uninhabited as we thought it was gonna be. Gable disrespects precious artifacts, Baldy learns something about herself, and the crew runs into some unintended consequences of their, uh, “Less Than Efficient” planning style.